Going Cable-Free: Does the Google Pixel 7a Support Wireless Charging?

A couple of days ago, Google unveiled its latest mid-range smartphone, the Google Pixel 7a, expanding upon the success of its predecessors, including the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. With the Pixel 7a, Google introduces several novel features that were previously absent from the A-series Pixel phones. Notably, one of the standout additions is the inclusion of wireless charging capabilities, marking a significant advancement in the Pixel 7a’s charging convenience.

Is Wireless Charging Supported on the Pixel 7a?

Indeed, the Google Pixel 7a brings the convenience of wireless charging to Google’s mid-range smartphone lineup. With support for wireless charging up to 5W using any Qi-certified BPP (Basic Power Profile) charger, users can now enjoy the benefits of cable-free charging.

Google’s inclusion of wireless charging in the Pixel 7a is part of the company’s efforts to enhance the A-series devices, making them feel more premium while still maintaining an affordable mid-range price point. This addition further solidifies the Pixel 7a as a compelling choice for users seeking a balance of functionality and value.

Which Wireless Chargers are Compatible with the Pixel 7a?

The inclusion of Qi Baseline Power Profile (BPP) support in the Google Pixel 7a’s wireless charging capability brings added convenience and compatibility to users. With BPP compatibility, finding a suitable wireless charger for the Pixel 7a becomes effortless. Any Qi-certified wireless charger that supports BPP will seamlessly work with the device.

This compatibility extends to many popular wireless chargers that are already favored for the Pixel 7, enabling users to continue using their preferred charging solutions with the Pixel 7a. If you haven’t already, acquiring a wireless charger for your Pixel 7a is a worthwhile investment, providing you with the flexibility and ease of cable-free charging.

How Fast is Wireless Charging on Pixel 7a?

While the wireless charging speed of the Pixel 7a may not be as fast as some more expensive devices, it’s important to note that wireless charging is primarily valued for its convenience rather than its speed. According to Google’s specifications, the Pixel 7a is capable of supporting up to 7.5W wireless charging. However, Google clarified that users should expect a charging rate of 5W when using a Qi-certified BPP charger.

If you desire faster charging, relying on the Pixel 7a’s 18W wired charging is the way to go. Wired charging generally provides a faster and more efficient charging experience compared to wireless charging. Therefore, if you’re seeking optimal speed, utilizing the Pixel 7a’s wired charging option will allow you to take advantage of the device’s 18W charging capabilities.

Indeed, while the wireless charging speed of the Pixel 7a may not be the fastest, it offers reliable and convenient charging functionality. The ability to simply place your phone on a charging stand or pad without the need to search for wires is highly convenient.

Is Wireless Charging Recommended for the Pixel 7a?

This feature proves especially handy when, for instance, you’re preparing for bed and prefer to avoid fumbling in the dark to locate a USB cable. Wireless charging eliminates the hassle of dealing with cables and provides a seamless charging experience that adds an extra level of convenience to your daily routine.

The compatibility of the Pixel 7a with Qi-certified BPP wireless chargers offers great flexibility and convenience to users. As long as the wireless charger you own is Qi-certified and supports BPP (Baseline Power Profile), which is a widely adopted standard, you can use it to wirelessly charge your Pixel 7a.

This means that most wireless chargers available in the market, purchased within the last decade, will work seamlessly with the Pixel 7a, unless they were specifically designed exclusively for the iPhone. This broad compatibility allows you to make use of your existing wireless chargers and eliminates the need for purchasing new ones, ensuring a cost-effective and convenient charging experience for your Pixel 7a.

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