January Pixel Update adds Spatial Audio support, and Fixes 7 Bugs

A few hours ago, Google started updating its Pixel phones with the latest January 2023 security patches. Google is yet to provide the change log for this update. However, Verizon has detailed what’s fixed and added.

In this update, Google is fixing a bunch of bugs, and as promised earlier, spatial audio feature is also included in this update for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 lineup. It’s worth mentioning that Pixel 6a won’t be getting spatial audio support. To recall, Spatial Audio is a next-gen surround sound effect for supported headphones, which was popularized by Apple’s AirPods Pro. It stimulates a multi-speaker surround sound environment. Pixel Buds Pro will also get the head tracking feature in the “coming weeks” through a firmware update. This feature helps monitor your head movements and adjust the spatial effect to make it sound as though you’re moving through a room full of speakers.

The January 2023 security update brings improved under-display fingerprint performance, Bluetooth fixes, and fixes camera issues in the Pixel 7 series of phones. The update also fixes a display bug on Pixel 7, which was showing landscape layouts incorrectly.

January 2023 Pixel Update Changes

Security (all devices):

  • The most up to date Android security patches for your device.

Audio (Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7, 7 Pro):

  • Added support for Spatial Audio for certain devices and accessories

Biometrics (Pixel 6a, 7, 7 Pro):

  • Additional improvements for fingerprint recognition and response in certain conditions.

Bluetooth issues (all devices):

  • That occasionally prevented certain Bluetooth Low Energy devices or accessories from pairing or reconnecting.
  • That prevented audio from playing over certain headphones or accessories while connected under certain conditions.

Camera issue (Pixel 7, 7 Pro):

  • That occasionally caused captured photos to appear corrupted or distorted while zoomed in.

Display & Graphics issue (Pixel 7, 7 Pro):

  • Occasionally prevented the display from waking or appearing turned off when the device was turned on.

User Interface issues (all devices):

  • The device would occasionally display in landscape layout when it was held in portrait mode.

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