LG and Google To Announce Nexus 4 on October 29? [Rumor]

LG Nexus 4

There are never ending rumors and buzz about the new Nexus phone. With so much evidence including insider reports and pictured, it seems clear that LG will be the new Nexus manufacturer. The reports that we have come across suggests that the new Nexus will be based on LG Optimus G. Yesterday another leaked picture of a retailer warehouse system showed the name of the new Nexus as LG Nexus 4. Regarding the launch of this mythical Nexus phone, there have been reports that the Launch may fall mid-November in the US.

Enhancing the Nexus fever, now another report from a French Newspaper Le Figaro suggest that the release will happen on October 29 globally. The translated report states “the worldwide release of the Nexus 4 is scheduled for October 29. In France, it will eventually be marketed from early December, contrary to what was stated in the first place.”

The ending part of this month is going to be a busy one, particularly October 29 as Microsoft is also planning to hold a Windows Phone 8 launch event on the same day.  Earlier we reported that the Nexus 4 popping up in retail inventory, so it seems as fi the plans are on and Google and LG may be targeting for a prompt launch following the Global announcement. Leaked specs and photos have already given us a decent idea of what to expect from the latest Nexus handset.

Now its time to wait for more reports and hopefully for an official statement very soon.

Via The Verge

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