Motorola X Specs Leaked Again: 4.8″ Screen, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 4,000mAh Battery

Motorola X Specs Leak

Motorola is expected to bring a new Android OS powered handset to the market in the not to distant future. It is none other than the rumored Motorola X. Some new information on its possible hardware specs has leaked again today. Tipped by an anonymous tipster, the folks over PhoneArena website has shared the precious information with the tech world.

According to their tipster the Motorola X phone will pack a 4.8-inch large screen, which will be made of sapphire glass. You might already know that sapphire glass is a type of aluminum oxide and it is nearly three times tougher than Gorilla Glass and and it also more scratch resistant than current glass. The device will also have a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2GHz. Qualcomm has launched the new Snapdragon 800 processor at CES event of this year. Most of the latest high-end Android handsets are being equipped with Snapdragon 600 processors under the hood. Sammy has also used Snapdragon 600 in some of its Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets.

The source also mentioned that the Motorola X phone’s corners will be made of rubber bumpers and teh company has opted for carbon fiber on the back side of the device. The rumored 4,000mAh battery in the One X+ is something of a excitement Just like the recently launched Sony Xpeira Z, Motorola is also making sure that the X phone will be having water resistant feature. Moreover, the latest rumor has it that Motorola X phone will start hitting the shelves in November.

Earlier rumors hinted that Motorola X is said to be part of a whole new process of buying an handset. You will be able to customize the X phone and it phone will be delivered in one week, after taking your order. And yeah, you will be able to order your unit through the Google Play Store and can also be ordered from any of favourite carrier’s retail stores. Motorola X is also expected to be subsidized to a great extent by Google and Motorola in order to sale it in large numbers. Some of the previous rumors have also suggested that it will go on sale from July 8th for $299 on contract.

Nothing has been officially confirmed on this until now. So we must take the latest leak with a pinch of salt for now.

Source: PhoneArena

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