Next gen iPad & iPhone to come ‘Home Button Free’ and get Photo Booth and iLife apps

Button free iPad and iPhone

Sleuths over BGR have managed to get some precious information about the next iteration of Apple iPad and iPhone. Those guys have been told that Apple is going to polish off the home button from the next iPad and iPhone. Instead of physical home button taps, Apple will place the new multitouch gestures to navigate to the device’s home screen and to establish the app swither on the screen.

In the most recently released iOS 4.3 beta version also, which have been issued to developers, Apple adds up some multitouch gestures for the iPad, so that we may conclude that next iteration of iPad & iPhone is really going to loose the physical buttons. You may have already noted that the upcoming Motorola XOOM tablet isn’t having any physical buttons on the device it’s just uses the onscreen interface and it is running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. As long as Apple keeps developing multi-touch gestures, it could eventually be button-free. Its been heard that Apple guys in Apple campus are already trying out the button free versions of iPads and iPhones.

Apart from these changes, next generation iPad might be coming with some popular applications such as Photo Booth and iLife for iOS. Photo Booth is a light application for taking photos and videos, where as iLife is also a small software suit for editing, organizing, and publishing photos, movies, and music. Apple could give Photo Booth away for free and may charge for iLife app.

It has been noted that Steve jobs hates buttons and was simply not happy with the product because Apple’s product developers couldn’t eliminate the physical buttons. So will the next version of Apple’s iPad and iPhone ship loosing the iconic round “home button” tap? We’ve to wait and see guys.

[Source & Pic Credit: BGR]

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