Nook Color with Honeycomb gets Graphics Acceleration[Video]

Nook Color Honeycomb Porting

On February 2nd, Google is going to release the source code of Google’s latest tablet based Honeycomb OS at the Google Event. We’ve already reported you that the guys over xda-developers have ported the Honeycomb OS to B&N’s Nook Color tablet on Friday, and the developer Deeper blue was about to improve hardware acceleration of GUI and he made it over the last couple of days. He first posted the photos of Honeycomb porting to the Nook Color, now he has posted the preview version of Honeycomb booting with improved performance on Nook Color e-reader/tablet(or whatever).

You guys might know that a custom version of Android OS platform is already available for the Nook Color that vitally allows you to make it into a full-fledged Android tablet. Now the dev deeper-blue has improved hardware acceleration now “more or less working” on the Honeycomb ported Nook Color, but the most core functionality is still missing and it is still an early build with laggy touchscreen response. Watch the following video of Nook Color running the delicious Honeycomb OS.

[Source: xda-developers]

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