Pixel Tablet’s New Renders Reveal a Privacy Switch


According to the latest leak, it appears that Google has incorporated a privacy toggle into their forthcoming Pixel Tablet. This feature was not initially revealed when the tablet was first previewed at I/O 2022 and later showcased at the Pixel 7 launch event in October.

SnoopyTech recently shared a couple of images on Twitter that display a mock-up of the Pixel Tablet. One of the pictures showcases the front of the device, with a Snoopy picture photoshopped onto it. The other image displays the back of the tablet, which seems to indicate the inclusion of a physical privacy toggle on the upper left edge.

As per the leaked pictures shared on Twitter by SnoopyTech, the new Pixel Tablet model appears to include a hardware switch that was not visible in any previous official images of the device that Google had shared (pictured above). The switch is situated on the left edge of the device, close to the top, and is believed to be a privacy switch that enables or disables the microphone and/or camera of the tablet, given that it doubles as a Smart Display.

It is common for modern smart devices to have some sort of physical or digital privacy switch to protect users’ privacy. The inclusion of this hardware-based privacy switch in the Pixel Tablet could be seen as a response to recent concerns about data privacy and security. This feature is especially important for a device like the Pixel Tablet that can serve as a Smart Display, which may be located in more private areas of a user’s home or workplace.

Overall, the addition of this hardware switch can be viewed as a positive step towards ensuring that users can control their own data and privacy on the Pixel Tablet, and it will be interesting to see how this feature is received by users once the tablet is released.

It is true that the addition of a hardware privacy switch to the Pixel Tablet, as revealed in the recent leaked images, could be seen as a late addition. However, it is also possible that Google had planned to include this feature all along and simply did not disclose it during the initial unveiling.

Regarding the Facebook Marketplace leak from December 2022, it is unclear whether or not the switch was present in those images, as the quality of the pictures was not high enough to make out all the details of the device. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that leaks and rumors about upcoming devices are often incomplete or inaccurate, and it is best to take such information with a grain of salt until official announcements are made.

When examining the leaked image of the Pixel Tablet, it is evident that the left edge features two elongated speaker cutouts that are mirrored on the opposite side, where a USB-C port is centered. At the top of the left edge, we can observe the power button/fingerprint reader and volume rocker. Furthermore, at the bottom of the same edge, we can notice a component that had gone unnoticed before but was actually present in prior images released by Google.

It is not immediately clear what this component is, but it could be a port for a SIM card or a microSD card, given that the Pixel Tablet is expected to offer cellular connectivity and expandable storage options. Nonetheless, it is difficult to say for certain without additional information or official confirmation from Google.

The leaked images of the Pixel Tablet reveal two elongated protrusions on the bottom edge of the device. It is unclear what purpose these protrusions serve, but they could potentially be connection points for a case or a keyboard accessory, which would allow users to transform the tablet into a more versatile productivity device.

It is worth noting that these protrusions are not visible when looking at the screen directly, which suggests that they are only visible from the bottom or possibly from the side of the device. It will be interesting to see how Google incorporates these protrusions into the overall design and functionality of the Pixel Tablet and whether they will be used for any accessories or features beyond what has been speculated.

The leaked images of the Pixel Tablet reveal a white or light beige color option, which is different from the green color that was shown in earlier leaks. It is possible that the device will be offered in multiple color options at launch, although this has not been confirmed by Google.

In addition to the color options, Google has touted a “premium nanoceramic finish” for the Pixel Tablet, which is said to provide a ceramic-like feel. This could potentially make the device more durable and resistant to scratches and other types of wear and tear.

As Google has previously stated, the Pixel Tablet is expected to be released in 2023, although an exact launch date has not been announced. We expect it will be again showcased at the upcoming Google I/O event this year, which is scheduled to kick off on May 10.

Source: Snoopy Tech

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