Google’s Pixel Tablet to Launch in Four Colors, With 8GB RAM

Despite Google discussing the Pixel Tablet in two events last year, there are still significant unknowns about the device. However, sources familiar with the matter have shared some key details about the specs, such as the amount of RAM.

According to a recent report from 9to5Google, which cites reliable sources, the Pixel Tablet will indeed come with Tensor G2 and run Android 13. Additionally, the report claims that the tablet will be equipped with 8GB of RAM,in contrast to recent rumors. While Google has yet to officially announce any details about the Pixel Tablet’s specifications, this latest report provides some much-needed insight into what we can expect from the highly-anticipated device.

According to the source, the Pixel Tablet will be available in two storage variants and will come with a Charging Speaker Dock for both models. The dock can charge the tablet through the rear pogo pins, receiving power from a barrel jack on the back, similar to the Nest Hub Max. As a result, Google will not be including a USB-C charging brick in the package.

The inclusion of the Charging Speaker Dock will further solidify the Pixel Tablet’s position as Google’s latest Assistant Smart Display. The physical switch that was leaked last week has been confirmed to be for the microphone and camera, similar to the Nest Hub.

The Pixel Tablet from Google has been revealed in two different colors so far: one with a green rear case and black bezel, and another with a white bezel and beige/white rear. The design of the former is similar to the Pixel 5’s Sorta Sage, and the darker bezel is intended to create a more slimming effect compared to the white frame which is more suitable for smart homes, according to Google.

The source also claims that there will be four color options available for the Pixel Tablet, two more than previously revealed. The device will feature an aluminum body with a nanoceramic finish, giving it a soft matte appearance and a textured feel. This finish is reminiscent of porcelain and is a new addition to Google’s tablet design.

Sources have confirmed that Google will be offering an official case for the Pixel Tablet, providing users with an extra layer of protection for their device. In terms of the tablet’s launch, it appears that it will not be released at the same time as the Pixel 7a, which is expected to be available in stores on May 11. Instead, it is more likely that the Pixel Tablet will hit stores in June, according to insiders. While this delay may disappoint some eager customers, it is possible that Google is taking the extra time to refine the device and ensure that it meets their high standards for quality and functionality.



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