Sprint’s Samsung Epic Touch 4G (Galaxy S II Variant) To Hit On September 9th?

Samsung Epic Touch 4G For Sprint

The long wait for the U.S. based Samsun galaxy S II may soon be over. We are pretty sure that Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will be branded as Samsung Epic Touch 4G. Earlier we’ve been hearing that Sprint variant would come as the Samsung Within. A recent report is suggesting that Sprint branded Epic Touch 4G could land as soon as September 9th. The source also claims that “Samsung Epic Touch 4G” would be the final brand name will set for Sprint’s Galaxy S II variant, which lines up with a previous report from BGR folks. A few weeks ago, we’ve also seen an article reporting the same brand name, but with a slight change – Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

You should first check the supposed September 9th on your calendar. It’s a Friday, which will hint us that Sprint won’t launch its new products on Fridays. We are also aware of the Sprint’s trend of launching phones on Sundays. Moreover, the particular Sunday after September 9th is the 10-year anniversary of anniversary of the second World Trade Center attacks 9/11.

The source couldn’t confirm the price value of the Samsung Epic Touch 4G handset. This is just a rumor right now. However, the Samsung event is just 10 days away, which is set to be happen on August 29th,  where we can expect to see the unveiling of the Galaxy S II variant for the U.S. regions. Hopefully, we will hear the price tags and release dates for the Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon variants at that event.

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[Source: SprintFeed]

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