T-Mobile Announces 10-day “$0 down” Sale on Nexus 4, GS III, HTC 8X

T-Mobile 10-day “$0 down” Sale

On the hot heels of its 1900MHz HSPA+ network activation in 14 more markets, T-Mobile has announced its 10-day “$0 down” sale to close out this year. For one day only, consumers will have the chance to grab most of the Android smartphones for a net down payment of $0.00 after rebate. The list includes recent popular smartphones such as Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S III and many more. T-Mobile has also listed the HTC Windows Phones 8X handset in this sale.

If you’re looking to get a solid Android handset on the cheap or you want to give a Christmas gift to someone, this deal is pretty attractive and yeah, they are also offering Nexus 4. Keep in mind that you need to pay up front cost and subscribe for $20 a month to pay off the handset’s retail price as part of the deal. You can also purchase the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note II phablet for just $99.99 after rebate and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 goes for $99.99 for the rest of the year. Here;s the full list of the handsets of 10-day “$0 down” sale.

T-Mobile 10-day “$0 down” Sale

Before you proceed to take advantage of this deal, you need to take a look at the following list:

# Nexus 4 – $0 down after rebate, but it costs $400 over two years (It costs $349 at Google Play Store)
# Samsung Galaxy S III – $0 down after rebate, and you’ll have to pay $400 over two years
# HTC 8X – $0 down after rebate and $400 over tow years
# Galaxy Note II – $99 down after $200 rebate, and it costs $499 over 2 years

It’s worth noting that the $20 monthly instalments, are spoiling the real fun here and the idea of signing up for a Value EIP Monthly Payment may not appeal to most of the folks. But, they are cheaper than they usually are and can be grabbed for a net down payment of free and in this Christmas season, a brand new phone like Nexus 4 or GSIII or HTC 8X with a packed plan is a perfect present.

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Source: T-Mobile

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