T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread Update To Roll Out This Summer

Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the T-Mobile G2X has been a distant dream for the owners of the handset. We felt better when T-Mobile announced on Twitter that the Gingerbread update would be rolling out within a month, back in April 2011. Another 30 days have passed without any sight of the update. And T-Mobile gets into the act again! T-Mobile has once again tweeted that the Android Gingerbread update for the T-Mobile G2X users will be rolled out by summer, which is not even a month away from now (We hope we don’t see another tweet from them saying the update will be rolled out by the end of summer :P). T-Mobile G2X has been recently in news for all the wrong reasons. T-Mobile has apparently pulled the G2X from stores, which most believe was due to the frequent software issues (random reboots, freezing etc.) with the phone. However T-Mobile was saying it was due to the ‘shortage of supply’. LG has already released an update to fix these issues (which is yet to arrive on the T-Mobile).

T-Mobile G2X Gingerbread Update

It is not clear when the G2X will be back on sale again, but the Gingerbread update, if at all happens would be the savior for the current owners of G2X and T-Mobile. But considering the T-Mobile’s recent history with these sort of announcements and failings, it may well be launched towards the end of the summer, may be with Android 2.3.4 instead of Android 2.3? We’re just guessing here.

T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread tweet

[Source: Twitter] [Via: Androidcommunity]

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