[Download] AT&T Call International App For Android, iPhone, BlackBerry Available Now

AT&T Call International app is now available to download for free for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry handsets from Android Market, iOS Store, and BlackBerry App World respectively. The app also works abroad and will let AT&T users to make calls from foreign countries to the U.S. via Wi-Fi connection. Check out the call rates, more info and download app from the links provided here.

[Download] Google Offers App For Android Available Now

Google has released a new app called “Offers” for Android platform today. The Google Offers app will notify you about all the great Offers that match your interests and allow you to purchase and redeem them instantly. Offers app is free in the Market. Check out the more info about the Google Offers and download it for free from the Android Market link provided here.

[Download] Android Market 3.3.11 Update Available Now; Brings New App Update Controls

Google has started rolling out a new update for Android Market. The new version of the Android Market 3.3.11 brings auto-update app feature, apps can be updated Wi-Fi only, slightly revised UI, access voice commands from a search and more. Check out the more info about the updated Android Market and start downloading the APK file from here.

[Download] Google Translate 2.2 Brings Conversation Mode in 14 Languages

Google has released the Google Translate 2.2 app in Android Market, which brings Conversation Mode supporting Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese Polish, Russian and Turkish, and of course, Spanish and English languages. Check out the more info and download the Google Translate 2.2 app for your Android devices from here.

[Download] Firefox 7 For Android Available Now

An updated version of Firefox browser for mobiles is now available for Android OS running devices. Firefox 7 will bring improved copy & paste feature, revamped security & privacy features, addition of WebSockets API, tweaked tab browsing. Download the Firefox 7 app from here.