iPhone 3GS slashed to $49 by Apple

Following AT&T’s turn last week, now Apple has also dropped 5o percent in the final selling price of the brand new iPhone 3GS. When the iPhone 4 was introduced last year, Apple continued to sell the 3GS for $99 as a less expensive iPhone option. Check out the other details and the pricing plans.

iPhone 3GS dropped to $49 from AT&T

AT&T has started selling the Apple iPhone 3GS for half of its original pricing. The Verizon iPhone might be announced any day now. But, to keep customers with them and more importantly to attract some new ones, AT&T has announced that they are dropping the price of Apple iPhone 3GS to just $49 with a two-year contract and data plan. Check out the other details.

iPhone Alarms stopped working on New Year’s Day; Fixes themselves on Jan 3rd

On the New Year’s day, a bug messing up the Apple’s Clock app in iOS, which lets single-use, non-repeating alarms fail to go off at all after New Year’s Day. This means that anybody who sets an alarm just for tomorrow won’t be woken up by the iPhone’s built-in alarm clock application. According to reports, this problem will get fixed by itself on January 3rd.