An unknown BlackBerry 10 smartphone with AT&T LTE Bands hits the FCC

An unknown BlackBerry 10 smartphone with AT&T's LTE hits the FCC

We think that you may have already heard that RIM who is popularly known as the developer of BlackBerry smartphones and handsets, is planning to launch a new mobile Operating system called BlackBerry 10 and smartphones running this Operating system on January 30, 2013. It is sure that after launching the devices, they will start selling the devices shortly. In order to carry the devices by US carriers, it is mandatory to approve the devices by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) which is an independent agency for United stated government.

Now, it is reported that FCC has approved an unnamed Blackberry handset with FCC ID- ‘L6ARFF90LW’ and the device bears a RFF91LW model number. The device has AT&T’s LTE and GSM bands on board, along with a few international frequencies. It is also further reported that at least three devices of RIM will run BlackBerry 10.0.9 Operating system. We expect that the Blackberry devices may be the BlackBerry X10, Z10 and a mysterious Dev Alpha C handset.

Few months ago, it was claimed that BlackBerry will introduce its first two smartphones at the time of releasing BlackBerry Operating system and it is expected that the first two devices will be the L-Series and N-series BlackBerry smartphones respectively. A week ago, it was rumored that the official name of the first smartphone, the L-Series will likely be called as the BlackBerry Z10 and another full QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry smartphone, N-Series will be the BlackBerry X10. Recently, we also found a mysterious BlackBerry device which looks like the Dev Alpha C, a BlackBerry 10 smartphone with QWERTY keyboard which is only for developers who are looking to test their BB10 apps.

Let us hope for more reports and for the official announcement at the end on next month.


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