Amazon Likely To Announce Kindle Tablet On September 28th

Amazon is all set to announce their new Kindle tablet PC cum eReader at a press conference to be held in the New York City. Amazon Kindle tablet would be a Android based tablet with all of the Amazon’s services / content pre-installed and tablet’s price model would be very much affordable. Check out the more details about the Amazon Kindle Tablet announcement event.

Android Honeycomb OS For Nook Color E-reading Tablet [Download]

Android Honeycomb OS for Nook Color is now available for download from xda-developers. But the full functionality is missing. Accelerometer, touchscreen, buttons, wireless connectivity, Sleep/Wake features and of course the Graphics acceleration features also available for the tablet with the Honeymb OS preview now. Check out the more details and download it here.

Nook Color powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Developers have started hacking the various devices by booting the Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Google’s latest release Honeycomb SDK preview has been rooted to the Android based full color e-reader, NookColor. And the results are pretty impressive but still, many functions are not working. Check out the image and get to know what plans are developers having.