Skype 3.0 for iOS has officially arrived now; Brings Video Calls over 3G & Wi-Fi [Video]

Skype has launched an updated version of its iOS app that brings two-way video calling to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Version 3.0 of the Skype app, now available in the iTunes app store, can make two-way Skype video calls between owners of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th generation over Wi-Fi or 3G connection. The new Skype app is also able to send and receive calls from its regular desktop application. Check out more details here inside.

AT&T offering the refurbished iPhone handset 4 for $99 on contract

AT&T Wireless offering some amazing deals by cutting $50 from the prices of the refurbished iPhone 4 units and making the total price with new two year activation just $99 for a 16GB unit. The 8GB iPhone 3GS is also being offered for $29 with cosmetic blush. The refurbished models are just as good as new. Check out the all pricing details for refurbished & cosmetic blush iPhone 4 handsets here inside.

Get a HTC EVO 4G for $99 By Trading Your Old Phone AT Radio Shack

RadioShack is offering some special deals in this week. RadioShack is dropping HTC EVO 4G smartphones through Trade & Save program for a less price until the end of week. Samsung Captivate, BB Torch, LG Quantum are also in line to get your hands on. You’ve to trade in your old mobile to get one these smartphones. Check out the full details here inside.

Google Latitude app launched in Apple’s iTunes App Store

Google Latitude app has launched in iTunes App Store, which lets you to stay close with your friends from your phone, computer, or both by sharing your background location. Background updating requires an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with iOS 4 or above. Check out the full details here inside.